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LOWA Living Wall

LOWA LIL's are measures lake property owners can take on their own properties to reduce the amount of runoff containing sediment and other contaminants from reaching the lake. Storm water runoff rushing unabated toward the lake can result in deep gulleys such as that in the above picture and do contribute greatly to the reduction of lake water quality.

Storm water runoff is widely considered to be a major contributor to lake pollution. LOWA LIL's will team up with the Master Naturalist and the Master Gardeners to help homeowners develop beautiful, low maintenance landscaping or rain gardens.

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Rain Gardens

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LOWA LIL's- LIL is the acronym used by LOWA and stands for "Low Impact Landscaping".

The purpose of these LILs is to minimize the deleterious effect of water run-off into the Lake of the Ozarks by incorporating various techniques of landscaping.

All the Low Impact measures and BMPs (Best Management Practices) are aimed at reducing the contaminating effects of storm water and other runoff on the Lake of the Ozarks. LOWA will encourage property owners to use many LOWA LILs through a cost-share incentive program. Utilization of these techniques have been incorporated into a LOWA program given the acronym, "BYHL", Beautiful Yards for a Healthy Lake.