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Is it safe to swim in the Lake of the Ozarks?

     Yes. The lake is not only one of the top recreational areas in the Midwest, it is absolutely safe to swim in the lake. If you notice an area of the lake being polluted in any way please call LOWA or the proper authorities so it can be taken care of. The lake has in fact the Lake of the Ozarks was voted #1 as the best recreational Lake in the United States by the Readers choice Awards - See the article here!

Can I eat fish I catch in the Lake of the Ozarks.

     Yes. Fish caught in the Lake of the Ozarks with the proper fishing licenses can be eaten. The lake boasts some of the best fishing in the state!

Is my dock safe?

     Recent tragedies at the Lake of the Ozarks have made big headlines about the safety of electricity on docks. It is always the recommendation of LOWA to follow the highest in safety standards. Some precautions to take BEFORE swimming around a dock with electricity include having a full electrical inspection of your dock and any dock you are swimming around BEFORE swimming near them. DO NOT swim around a dock you do not know. DO NOT touch or swim around exposed or ungrounded wires. Electricity travels well in water KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Some great resources can be found clicking here!

I am interested in forming a sewer or water district; can you help me?

     Yes, LOWA can help you and your neighbors. LOWA can put you in touch with the right professionals to begin the process of getting your area of the lake into a watershed friendly sewer or water district. You can contact LOWA by clicking here!

Are septic tanks safe for the watershed?

     Septic tanks can be safe for the watershed IF they are properly designed, installed, and maintained. The best way to ensure you are not damaging the watershed with your septic tank is to have a professional design your system, oversee the installation and be sure to properly maintain your septic system. Although a central sewer system is usually the best option for a watershed, your septic can be watershed friendly through education and proactive action. To learn more about septic tanks and central sewer options visit the wastewater element page by clicking here!

How do I volunteer for LOWA?

     Volunteering for LOWA is a great way to get involved and easy. You can register to volunteer for LOWA by clicking here!